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Our September 8th Meeting!

Tea Party Patriots of Luna County September 8, 2011

A regular meeting of approximately 50 Tea Party Patriots was held at La Fonda Restaurant at 5:00 PM with the board meeting and then at 6:00 PM with the general meeting.

Guests included Chad Moyer, of Arcadia, CA, Cindy and Larry Meyers, groundskeepers for the Reese family, Francesca Estevez, of Gila who is candidate for District Prosecutor for Luna, Grant and Hidalgo Counties in 2012 and Marge Reese Stewart and Jack Stewart of Hillsboro among others.

Far left: Chad Moyer, who remarked after the meeting, “This sure isn’t how the media portrays the Tea Party.”


Near Left: Francesca Estevez, Democratic candidate for Prosecuting Attorney, for Luna, Grant and Hidalgo Counties.








Speaking at the meeting were Francesca Estevez, Dwayne Madsen, Sparky, and Marge and Jack Stewart.  Patsy Moyer read some information from Leslie Bronken regarding the Reese family suggesting that members contact Senator Grassley and the NRA in support of the Reese family.


Marge Stewart Reese (shown above with husband Jack) presented a gripping account of the New Deal Shooting Sports, which was raided on August 30th, 2011.  Her grandson, Rylin Reese, 24 was trying to open a gun store in Las Cruces, which was to be New Deal Shooting Sports II and had opened selling gun safes and ammo and was waiting his Federal firearms license during the month of August.  He was taking names and requests from customers who had requests for firearms.


In the middle of August, a deputy police officer had called regarding the license and said his boss, Ryan Quinn, had gotten a call and was upset that the deputy had gone above him. Rick and Rylin had called ATF about why the license had not come in and were told that they had 60 days and that period was not over.


On August 26th, Rick and Rylin were told that a Federal Firearms License discussion would be held at 8AM Monday August 30th and they would also like for Rylin’s Mother and brother to attend.   Marge told her daughter in law Terri that she and the brother did not have to attend.  Marge and her husband Jack were having breakfast at their home in Hillsboro and got a call from her son, Rick Reese.  She answered the phone saying “What is the good news?” Her son replied that there was no good news, they were being arrested and would she please come and pick up his personal possessions he had on him.  They then went into the Las Cruces store and arrested Terri and Remington.


It took an hour and half to drive into Las Cruces and she was able to speak to Rick and also met ICE, ATF and Homeland Security officials.  Marge got copies of the arrest warrants and asked could she go to Deming to see what they were doing at the shop there?  They said she could and to take a yellow tablet to make a list of the inventory that was being taken.


Marge and Jack then drove to Deming and were stopped by 3 police cars blocking the road at the Ventura and Rockhound Road turn-off.  She had them call the officials in Las

Cruces and they were allowed to drive on up to the property.  There they were stopped by a red pickup across the road and spoke with an ICE official.  He would not let them in even though she asked him to call the officials she had spoken to in Cruces. He made and call and still would not let her in. He then called over another person, named Dennis, who wore black sunglasses that completely covered his eyes.  She told him who she was and had permission to take inventory and he responded he did not care who she was or what she says, she was not going in.   Marge questioned why and he said he had authority to go over square inch of the property.   However Marge noticed that not only was the gun shop being searched, but also the door was open to the Reese residence and that was being searched.  Marge said that she had copies of the search warrant and it was just for the shop.  Dennis became belligerent; standing about 6 foot 2 inches, with a flat top, definitely looking strong, and wearing dark sunglasses that wrapped around his head with no glimpse of his eyes.   Dennis asked if he wanted to say anything else and she told him as a tax payer and citizen she was his employer and if she ever had an employee like that she would fire him.

Above:  Marge Reese Stewart and husband Jack Stewart speaks about the raid and arrest of her son and family, owners of the local gun shop.


On August 31st, another order was filed to search both properties, not just the gun shop.   All the family were denied bail.  Rick because he was considered a flight risk; his wife Terri because she had not filled in a form correctly, Rylin because he was also a flight risk as he mentioned that one day he wanted to go to Mexico.


Remington was granted 10,000 bail and custody to his grandparents, but the prosecutors filed an appeal and he is still in jail.

Jack Stewart said he had been married to Marge for over 30 years and knew her son who had worked for him for five years before that.   He was a hardworking man, working 18-hour days trying to build up a business for his family.

On the 30th, Cindy and Larry Meyers, (left) who were caretakers, living on the west side of the property in a trailer, were alarmed when they heard the gunboat style helicopter circling the property and came out to see what was happening.  The Meyers thought   that it was the Border Patrol looking for illegal aliens up from Mexico, but the helicopter kept circling and coming lower.  They were very noisy and could not hear but knew they were shouting and then they saw the guns were pointed at them.  The Meyers were forced on the ground and handcuffed while some of the 100 uniformed agents searched their home and camper confiscating any weapons they owned.


Marge and her husband appealed to the Tea Party for help and believe that the raid and charges are trumped up to shut down a gun store so that citizens can no longer have access to the right to own guns.   The Tea Party asked Marge and Jack to keep them informed of what the situation was and come back to speak to us in the future.


Next Meeting will be October 13th 2011 at the La Fonda restaurant in Deming.

Local New Mexico Politics Daily!

Dear New Mexicans,    — 2 items —

1. On September 14, I wrote a letter to Attorney General Gary King asking him to look into the waste of time directed by House Speaker Ben Lujan during the Special Session and Lujan’s breaking House rules in disallowing work to progress.  I quoted information reported in the Albuquerque Journal that ”the Legislature worked a total of 13 hours in 6 days.”

Specifically I requested, “Because I am concerned about the reports of wasting time, not dealing with the issues for which the Special Session was called and of Representatives alleged to be working outside public scrutiny, I am writing to ask you to look into the matter.”

I sent copies to Governor Martinez, to Speaker Lujan and to the New Mexico Representatives.  I sent my letter by Certified mail.  I never received a signed receipt.  If I ever do, it will arrive after this morning of September 28.

On September 27 I received a letter from the Attorney General of New Mexico office on stationery embossed with a gold seal.  I wonder how much that cost New Mexicans.  It was written by Zachary A. Shandler, “Assistant Attorney General, Deputy Director – Civil Division.”   Here is the second paragraph standing between a courteous opening and an equally courteous closing:

“The Attorney General’s Office is authorized by statute to provide legal advice and representation to members of the state legislature, elected and appointed state officials and district attorneys.  While we would like to be responsive to requests from others, given this office’s limited statutory authorization, it would not be appropriate for this office to provide legal advice to you.”

Either (a) neither Mr. King nor Mr. Shandler read my letter, or (b) the staff individual reading it misconstrued the contents of my letter, or (c) no one wanted to answer my actual request, or (d) someone’s aberration caused disregard of what I wrote.

If any one of these cases obtain, it would be sufficient to ask is this the kind of Attorney General and office staff we want?  Evidently if a citizen asks the AG to “look into” a given matter, that constitutes a “request for legal advice.”

I thought a state’s Attorney General was not a lawyer for a state’s citizens but a watchdog for them.  But according to Mr. Shandler, the AG only provides state officials with legal advice.

We know that all government officials, elected and appointed, are paid in some form—per diem, food, etc. or salary—by taxpayers. So, taxpayers pay the AG to provide legal advice to those the taxpayers pays to do work, whose actions might require legal advice against or concerning those who pay him.  Hmmm.

But in no case shall the AG look into the abuse of office of the House Speaker whose actions jeopardize, obstruct or evade work he was elected to do?  Double hmmm.

2. House Speaker John Boehner stated that the American Jobs Act “merits consideration.”  It does not.  Speaker Boehner has the authority to kill the “American Jobs Act.”  He should be reminded of that authority.  I wrote Speaker Boehner that he should refuse to allow this act to come to the floor.  I hope you will do the same.

The following URL takes you to Speaker Boehner’s site where you can submit your letter.

This URL takes you to a site that offers free faxes to Congressmen.

Here is Mr. Boehner’s snail address and other contact info: Office of the Speaker H-232 The Capitol Washington, DC 20515 Phone: (202) 225-0600 Fax: (202) 225-5117


If you do not want to continue to receive SylviaBokorComments, please send an e-mail to with UNSUBSCRIBE typed in the subject box.  Thank you.  

Sincerely, Sylvia Bokor

Commentary from Leslie!

I think all members should be prepared to be self-sufficient on food, fuel, banking, etc. in the event of a national strike.  It doesn’t do any good to not go to work, and then go shopping…. it misses the whole point.  A month wouldn’t be unreasonable.  And protesting in front of city and county halls should be included.


When is the general population going to go on strike in this state?

If the legislature fails to do their job,,,, then why are we taxpayers working and paying taxes to pay them?

A massive statewide strike.  Businesses should temporarily close their doors.  Workers should walk the sidewalks and protest peacefully the irresponsible behavior of this legislature. I know, I know, easier said than done.  But somehow the general population needs to wake up and protest in the form that denies government revenue.


Dear demingteapartypatriots,

Yes. There is talk of a general strike.  The talk now is of a national strike because of the American Jobs Act.

Whether it gets wide-scale participation is yet to be seen. Yes, it will take a lot of work.

Thank you for your feedback.

Sincerely, Sylvia Bokor

Statement from the Republican Party of New Mexico

Dear New Mexicans,   — 1 item —

1. Following is a statement from the Republican Party of New Mexico which I’ve edited for space considerations. The hiatus indicates omitted material.

Below it, is an email from Conrad James, State Representative D#24, which gives details not much discussed.


From the Republican Party of New Mexico:


ALBUQUERQUE, NM – There can be no doubt about the blindly partisan and arrogant nature of the Democratic legislative leadership . . . Rather than addressing the needs of New Mexicans, Democrat legislators did nothing more than try to rig their own re-elections by passing gerrymandered redistricting maps. . . . Democrats are consciously and proactively standing in the way of common-sense solutions for the people of New Mexico.


  • On the same day President Obama’s administration endorsed Governor Martinez’s plan to end social promotion, Senate Democrats walked out;
  • Democrats refused to negotiate fair redistricting maps, instead passing partisan gerrymanders their own expert testified were drawn illegally. Despite repeated efforts by Republicans to negotiate a compromise, Democrats refused to negotiate;
  • Democrats refused to repeal the law giving driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, despite 74 percent public support for repeal; and,
  • Despite claiming to support job creation measures, the Democrats:
  • Refused to pass the High-Wage Job Tax Credit
  • Slashed middle class jobs programs in the Capital Outlay Bill


From Conrad James: [Editor's note: The following text has not been edited.]

Since democrats control the legislature but republicans control the governorship, compromise is necessary to put together redistricting maps.

The democrats have shown they don’t want to compromise so now it will go to the courts to redraw the lines, costing additional millions of taxpayer dollars.

So they have wasted the taxpayers money on a 21 day long legislative session, as 21 days is what you would need to work out compromise plans for the house, senate, congress, PRC, and pec with 2 parties and 112 legislators.

If you are not going to compromise and just ram through partisan democrat plans, it should have only taken 2-3 days.

That is the take home message…we tried and tried to work with them, and we put together up to four house plans to give them options.

They weren’t interested and only submitted a single partisan plan for the house and one for the senate.

Here is the main point: they are trying to subvert the will of the people by strengthening democrats ahead of the shellacking they are going to take in 2012.

In the house, republican districts collectively outgrew the norm by 45000 people, while democrat districts were down in population (from the average) by 45000.

That alone would produce a new republican-leaning house district simply by virtue of population shifts. They see that and are doing everything possible to thwart the will of the people which have 1) voted for republicans in larger numbers in 2010 and 2) moved into republican districts.

Their plans are simply political gerrymandering, and that is all it is.


Thanks for all your support.



SylviaBokorComments:  Conrad is, of course, correct. The entire Left—state, local and federal—is very frightened about 2012. It is our job to make certain that their worse fears come true.  Lujan is not the only individual who must go. The entire Obama government must go.




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Sincerely, Sylvia Bokor 8-26-11: Whose American Dream? 8-11-11: The Achievement of the Tea Party Movementa 7-24-11: Cut, Cap & Balance the Budget

American Jobs Act!

Dear New Mexicans,    — 1 item —

1.  The so-called  “American Jobs Act” seeks to alter radically the entire unique nature of our government. Among other things, it seeks to nullify State’s Rights across the board.  If passed, the ”American Jobs Act” will wipe out the foundational nature of our of government, the separation of state and federal authority.

Read in particular Section 376 which stipulates that ANY state that accepts “federal money” will lose its sovereignty. This includes not only accepting public school funds but also disaster relief, stimulus packages, so-called affordable housing, student grants and loans that are considered a State program, Federal Medicare “contributions” and so forth.

Please keep in mind that “federal money” is your taxes.  Then consider the abomination this Act attempts to foist upon you and your countrymen by means of your money.

Section 374 is as chilling a totalitarian effort to destroy this nation’s prosperity at the root by prohibiting businesspeople from making their own decisions on who to hire. This section forces all employers to hire anyone who applies for a job without regard for the business’s needs, financial situation, the skill experience or status of the applicant.  It is not yet the “Moratorium on Brains” as dramatized in Atlas Shrugged.  But it is awfully close to it.

While I have not finished reading the entire “American Jobs Act” I’ve

read enough to know this is a serious threat to our country’s form of government.

To get you started with some easy-to-read material, go to the Patriot Action Network. Jobs Bill vs State Sovereignty

“How the American Jobs Bill Destroys State Sovereignty & Licenses Illegal Immigrants September 19, 2011, 7:42 am By Guest Author.  Discussion link :Jobs Bill vs State Sovereignty.”


The “American Jobs Act” is available from the White House site or from SCRIBD.  If you are not a member of SCRIBD, you may go to the Huffington Post site and access SCRIBD from there.  The White House downloads as a pdf.   The Huffington Post downloads as straight text. The Act is about 1,199 pages long.



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Sincerely, Sylvia Bokor 8-26-11: Whose American Dream? 8-11-11: The Achievement of the Tea Party Movementa 7-24-11: Cut, Cap & Balance the Budget

Commentary from the Law Dog!

The Luna County Tea Party does not endorse the views of the Law Dog, but post them for your review and comment.  Please comment below.


The meeting was much like a Nursery Rhyme; The Agenda stated..NO Questions, other than written. Yet the very first item of the day was met with verbal questions and the meeting went on as usual.

A request for a waiver of fees at the Learning center was rejected, with Mr. Spivey stating how the costs of building this hasn’t changed, nor has the costs of repairs. This is a rather good comment, on the surface, but I do not remember the people who paid for it ever being asked if it might be OK to waive the FEE on an occasional basis. They brought this question up and without much ado…..declined this request with a statement, “We shouldn’t even consider waivers”

Next order of business. We would like to waive the deadline for applications filed for County Manager, because three applications came in after the deadline….DUH? “we shouldn’t even consider waivers”

What other mistakes have the voters of Luna County made?

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.  Do these three have bad memories, or what?

“The people of the U.S. owe their Independence & their liberty, to the wisdom of descrying in the minute tax of 3 pence on tea, the magnitude of the evil comprised in the precedent. Let them exert the same wisdom, in watching against every evil lurking under plausible disguises, and growing up from small beginnings.” –James Madison

Can you imagine where we would be tax wise in this Country, had it not been for men like James Madison?

Are the people of this County (Luna) going to allow the Taxing authority to once again raise the property valuations ?

During a time of these debilitating  economic woes, our Public Servants are looking out for the KINGS Gold and to Hades with the peasants.

An uprising should  be in the works.

I would say to our local Tea Party that it’s time to act, not to hold meet and greets over coffee and donuts.

WE  have been meeting for quite some time….what are  our accomplishments? Or have WE  become no more than a social club?

Do you know what the Assessors office is doing? Do you know how much 3 pence relates to the taxation monies of today?

“…So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; For tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.” Voltaire de Cleyre

Please think about this a long time and then please act upon your thoughts. GM

On September 17 Steve Pearce and the Otero County Tea Party, along with several hundred Patriots from New Mexico and some from Texas stood up for the Citizens and made a statement to the Federal Government that “we will protect ourselves” from the Environmentalists and any others that are putting our homes and lives in jeopardy thru the improper management of our forests.


This was quite an interesting group of people and a very impressive group of speakers to have gathered on  “Constitution Day”.


I would have expected a representative group from Luna Counties “Tea Party” membership, but saw none there.


A challenge to the Luna County Tea Party Membership….how about joining in with some of the other tea party groups across the State…..and GET ACTIVE.


How about a group protest at the Court House …protesting the ridiculous raise in local property taxes due to increased valuations??


Does this not bother any of you? Even a little bit?


Expose the idiocy in these actions, by making some noise, invite the TV stations, I realize the local media cares not or they would have already been printing stories as to how the people are once again being egregiously treated by the County.





“Although the legal and ethical definitions of right are the antithesis of each other, most writers use them as synonyms. They confuse power with goodness, and mistake law for justice.” – Charles T. Sprading 














The Week Ahead in New Mexico Politics!

Dear New Mexicans,   — 5 items —

1. Latest word (last night and early this A.M.) from Santa Fe:

“For Your Information, it appears that Representative Nunez is going to vote with the Democrats on their redistricting plan.  Stay tuned to the legislative web cast. . . . I do not know where this leaves us on the driver’s license bill.  I thought you and your list should know.”



2. The New Mexico House Republican Caucus issued a press release this A.M., Thursday, September 22:  “New Mexico Republican leadership Rep. Tom Taylor (R-San Juan-1) and Rep. Don Bratton (R-Lea-62) will hold a press conference Thursday morning, September 22, 2011 at 11:00 A.M. to discuss the hyper-partisan plan that Democrats passed in the face of bi-partisan opposition, a little after midnight, Thursday morning.


“The press conference will take place on the west side steps of the Roundhouse. All 33 members of the House Republican caucus are expected to attend for the purpose of making  public that the Democrats’ plan ignores the wishes of New Mexico voters in order to protect entrenched career-long Democrat politicians.”



3. NBC network television reported last night that an organization named “Americans for Legal Immigration” (if I remember that name correctly) have joined New Mexican’s effort to repeal the law that allows driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.  They noted the usual things we all know by now: increased criminal activity, the threat of disenfranchising all New Mexico driver’s licenses, the waste of MVD time and money spent on processing illegals, elbowing out of the way US citizens’ requiring licensing help.  The important aspect of the story is that the organization is backing Susana’s effort 100% and that our efforts here are now being given national exposure.



4.  Marge Teague, Secretary of the BCRP, sent a flyer FYI. The flyer is being distributed widely. You are all invited to attend, no matter what your party affiliation.  Should be fun and interesting. I have taken the text out of the flyer format for easier reading here:


September 24, Saturday. 1:15 P.M. Meet,Greet&Eat. Ward 29 (AKA District 29), the Republican Party of New Mexico and the Republican Party of Bernalillo County invite you to join a special affair with Chris Collins, Chairman of the Bernalillo County Party.   Senator Sander Rue and Representative Tom Anderson will be on hand to discuss the September 6th Special Session of the Legislature.  RSVP.  PLEASE! no later than September 23.  Call Marge Teage: 897-2866 or The location is at the Teague residence, 4910 Simon Dr., N. W., Paradise Hills, Albuquerque.  Directions: The Teague residence is located directly behind the 18th green and the Desert Green Club House.  From Paradise Blvd, turn North onto Howard St. (the first north turn street after the intersection of Golf Course and Paradise.)  At the stop sign turn West or left onto  Fairfax.  Follow Fairfax (a very long block) and turn North onto Simon.  Simon winds on around to 4910 Simon.  The back club entrance road intersects the Teague property with the slump stone wall.



5. September 27,  Tuesday,  Conservative Republicans Membership Meetings: Two meetings: 11:15 A.M. to 12:15 P.M., and 12:30 to 1:30 P.M.  Come to either or both.  The SUB, Amigo Room. Pizza and soft drinks provided. Contact: Donald Gluck, President, UNM Conservative Republicans,



SylviaBokorComments:  October Upcoming Events are piling up.  I plan to report on these next week.  If you have an October event, please send it to me no later than September 27.  Thanks.


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Sincerely, Sylvia Bokor

Banks prepare for demise by Leslie Bronken

Banks prepare for demise For the Headlight Posted: 09/20/2011 12:00:00 AM MDT As part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform legislation, banks with greater than $50 billion in assets have until Dec. 31, 2012, to draft their Living Wills. This is supposed to instill confidence in the public.I’m sorry, but banks planning out what happens after they die does not give me any confidence what-so-ever in the banking system. I can’t help but notice the first three letters in the word confidence are CON.

What would actually instill confidence would be for banks to operate with sound business and banking principals instead of expecting bail-outs and hand-outs and using hedonistic accounting practices to hide what’s really on their balance sheets. Instead, Dodd-Frank demands the banks instill CON-fidence with the public that all will go smoothly if any of the big banks die (i.e. collapse) and their living wills have to be executed.

I’m sure a lot of people have been conned by the Dodd-Frank legislation that government has actually done something to make things better. I am confident Dodd-Frank achieved nothing but a con-job.

Leslie Bronken, Deming

Goings on around New Mexico!

1. September 22, Thursday, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Las Cruces Sons of Liberty. Grace Covenant Church, 3111 N. Main St., Las Cruces, NM. Contact Jerry Clark: 575-523-8525. [Editor’s Note: The LCSL’s agenda will include a public discussion on the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act.

Update on the Petition to repeal  Driver’s Licenses for illegal immigrants.  A message from Sheryl Bohlander, Club 54

Coordinator:  “Petitions are still coming in, which are being delivered to the Governor. The pressure is mounting on legislators and according to a news report in the Alamagordo Daily News, some Democrats are moving to support the repeal.  Please continue to contact the legislators and urge them to support the repeal.  You can watch the special session live on the internet at”


SylviaBokorComments:   Latest word from Santa Fe last night, September 18, is that Legislative work in still going slowly. And Democrats are also fed up with Lujan.  They are fed up in D.C., too.

Interviews on talk-shows—both radio and TV—and from roundtable discussions indicate that those committed to the fundamental goals of the Tea Party Movement—individual rights, limited government and free-markets, ideas seldom heard for over 70 years on network stations—are “taking over the Republican Party,” as was discussed Saturday, September 17, on Gwen Ifell’s Washington Week and on New Mexico in Focus.


Gossip from the fairgrounds is that Democrats are going to voter registration tables to change affiliation from D to R. “This has been going on all day,” it was said.



A message from Marita Noon, Executive Director  “Over the weekend I had the opportunity to participate in a wonderful display of the public and their local elected officials taking back control of their government—doing what was called a realigning of government by putting them back where they belong.

“I was pleased to be invited to join Congressman Steve Pearce and the County Commissioners of Otero County, NM, for what they termed the Otero Country Tree Party. We spoke to hundreds of people at a rally and then we went to the forest and literally cut trees—despite the environmentalist and Forest Services efforts to block the forest thinning. You can see pictures on my Facebook page.

“This week’s commentary, DC Brand Red Tape results in severe economic and social impact is my account of the event with the history leading up to the Tree Party and encouragement for other communities to embrace government that is local and logical. I hope you willI post it, pass it on, and/or personally enjoy it.”

SylviaBokorComments: Therese Cooper, co-founder of the East Mountain Tea Party also attended the Tree Party and reported that the event in Cloudcroft was wonderful and exciting. Therese also spoke to many individuals re our effort to replace Lujan and distributed 200 “Quit Stalling” flyers that the EMTP had printed. Thank you EMTP!

I want to also thank all those who have helped and are still working to distribute the “Quit Stalling” flyer.  Bill Strickland reported this morning that he and some friends have formed another “phalanx” to focus on Democrats to convince them of our cause.  And Char Tierney, the other co-founder of the East Mountain Tea Party, has compiled a “Bucket of Ideas,” things that we have to do.

Keep up the good work, folks.  Almost every day I hear from someone else who is joining the fray.  Hooray for us!


If you do not want to continue to receive SylviaBokorComments, please send an e-mail to with UNSUBSCRIBE typed in the subject box.  Thank you.  


Sincerely, Sylvia Bokor

The decision on the NM Driver’s License fiasco

Dear Senator Fischmann,

As you considering whether or not you should change your vote, I  thought you should read a Letter to the Editor I sent this a/m to the Las Cruces Sun.

The decision on the NM Driver’s License fiasco shouldn’t be about what a majority of constituents want – it needs to be about the law.  A majority of people can always put pressure on politicians to pass laws that break other laws.  But just because there are a majority saying break the law doesn’t mean the politician should go along with the majority. If you vote to support ILLEGAL immigrants being issued driver’s licenses, then you are voting that it is OK for foreigners to violate our Immigration laws.  It is that simple.  If you vote it is ok for our laws to be broken, why are you even bothering to be a “law maker”?  The message to everyone has been that lawmakers pass laws which break other laws – so constituents it is a free for all, go ahead and break laws just like the lawmakers do. Leslie Bronken Deming This communication is not confidential. VISA STAMP, NOT VISA CARD   Years ago, a gal I know from Europe was on an extended stay visiting in the U.S.  She did not have a driver’s license from her native country which she could have used to drive in this country had she had one.  Public transportation in the US was not sufficient for her needs so she decided to learn to drive and obtain a US driver’s license.   She applied to the local driver’s license, took the written and driving test and passed.  As part of the application process she was required to produce her Passport (in lieu of her birth certificate) and more importantly the Visa stamp in the passport to prove she was in the country LEGALLY and had been granted permission to stay for an extended period of time, as opposed to a just a month.  She was issued a driver’s license in that state with an expiration date near the expiration date of her Visa.   This encapsulates the whole NM driver’s license fiasco.  ILLEGAL aliens from other countries (whether Mexico or any other country, including those countries deemed terrorist nations) don’t have  a Visa permitting them to be in the US legally.  They are unable to show the NM driver’s license authorities proof they have permission to be in the US and that they have entered thru a recognized port of entry.  There are all kinds of Visas – student visas, temporary work visas, tourist visas, business traveler visas and so on, and they are not all that difficult to obtain.   If foreigners can’t prove they are in the US legally with a valid unexpired VISA, then they are here ILLEGALLY and should not be issued a driver’s license.     What are the odds that foreigners who have shown a propensity to disregard one US law and entered the country illegally will disregard other laws?  I suggest all one need to do is go sit in any state or federal courtroom to get a good feel of what those odds are.  Just take a look at the daily parade of persons that have been arrested for crimes committed in the US who have additional charges related to being in the country illegally (i.e. without a Visa) and face deportation.  The issue becomes crystal clear instantly.   It’s all about the Visa Stamp and expiration date in a passport, which should not be confused with the plastic Visa card issued by banks.

Leslie Bronken Deming, NM

Join the Tea Party!



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